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    ☢†☢-☠- ℠ §he-♏ale UNIT☡ ℠ -☠-☢†☢


    itz jake

    ☢†☢-☠- ℠ §he-♏ale UNIT☡ ℠ -☠-☢†☢

    Post by itz jake on Sat Nov 20, 2010 8:25 am


    the she male unit is now getting a new forum, chatbox, and more

    the smu is back

    Sign up sheets below this post

    in-game name:

    combat level:

    are you loyal:

    pure or maxed:

    do you listen:

    have you read the rules:

    will you follow orders:

    do you know what your doing:

    do you have msn:

    how can we contact you if not:

    can you tank a team:

    why are you joining:

    How often are you on:

    do you visit the forums alot:

    Can you be on when needed:

    will you drop everything you are doing and come to an event:

    will you add all your members:


    Smu Owner - Orgasm

    Smu Co-owner - N/A

    General - N/A

    Clan Sergeant - N/A

    Smu Members - N/A


    1. listen to commands
    2. be active in game
    3. check the forums every hour
    4. never betray us
    5. be on time to events and show up!
    6. ALWAYS wear the clan cape. never remove that cape.
    7. when told to do something by a higher officer, do it!

    can't handle the fury. can't tank a huge team. THINK YOU CAN JOIN US!
    can you lure like a pro or pk with a huge team?


    8. never try and take charge
    9. don't start wars with other clans.
    10. don't pick our allies!
    11. Don't "fun fight" other clan members during an event
    12. Never tell any clan member who to attack unless they are a higher officer.
    13. NEVER ask for a higher office.

    command system

    hello. these are common commands that leaders will be using to give you signs

    Shemale unitz - smu
    fall in - fi
    shemale unitz pk trip - ffpkt
    back off - boff
    retreat - rt
    gear up - gu
    lets get drunk -attack the target (lure)

    clan home: unknown

      Current date/time is Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:46 pm